Our services

Corporate solutions for foreign trade and logistics

Import/ Export

We receive your purchase from anywhere in the world, we arrange it if necessary and send it to the address and time you indicate.

Gathering of merchandise

Obtain a better purchase condition by purchasing complete pallets of product. We take care of consolidating your load and sending the goods on demand according to the specification of each client.

Special purchases

We provide the search service for necessary products, advise on the acquisition of technically complex products or difficult acquisition, even in those products that can not be purchased online.

Door to door

Buy online at any online store, send it to our warehouse in the USA and we will take it to your company's door.

Technical products

We specialize in specific products such as spare parts for cars, motorcycles or missing components of new technologies in your country.

Rush shipments

We manage your shipment expressly, looking for the best alternative to be delivered as fast as possible.

Air and maritime shipments

Depending on the quantity or weight to be transported, the type of product or the urgency, we provide solutions by air or sea.


There are products that due to their characteristics require a new package packaging to be exported. We do that!